Monday, September 12, 2011

Magic of Tabasco

I have never used a method like this on one of my kids when they have misbehaved, sad unkind things, or anything like that. But my husband and I both felt like we needed to step it up. My 3 yr old son has been MORE than pushing the limits, and was just plain not listening. TOO often. We decided that a good consequence would be to give him a drop or 2 of lemon juice when he chose not to listen/obey. So we followed through- but the plan bit us in the face... he says, "Ummmm..... I like this dad, this is good. so HA!"

Anger grew inside us. Same response to lime juice. We knew we were left with no choice but to step it up to something stronger- Tabasco. His first time being given it- he began to say the same thing, "Mom, I kinda like this.....wait.....YUCK!" as he is hitting his tongue... "I don't like this mom!"

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! He hasn't gotten ANY more since that first time- when I told him he needed to listen and obey the FIRST time , and he has done just that. Why didn't I think of this soon??

PS- I had to giggle a little when I heard Rylie asking him if he had to take it and if he likes it- and he said "No way Rylie. I do NOT like that stuff. I am being good." hahahahaha.....

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