Monday, August 29, 2011

Is Summer really over? really??

I think this summer was cut short... :) Seems like it to me! nevertheless, fall is here and it is back to school time. Here's a little information:

1) As your child gets older, it costs MORE money to register them. I had to pay $140 for just REQUIRED fees for my 9th grader.... talk about nuts! so start saving now....

2) If there is choice of A or B track for your student, studies show that both the teacher teaches better and the student learns better on A track. Yes it is early, yes it is hard, but well worth it. A hole 1.5 hours with half the size of the class.

3) How much do you spend on back to school supplies? Elementary aged kids? Junior high aged kids? high school aged kids? I think the lists get longer and longer.....
4) How many of your kids LIKE and EAT the school lunches? How often does your child want to pack a lunch instead?

Time to get the the alarms set.... summer must really be over.

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  1. I haven't really purchased any school supplies this year other than Eli's backpack. Mya didn't need a new one, and her class just always asks for a $10 donation to buy supplies. I'm not looking forward to all the stuff they'll need in jr. high and high school. As far as lunches, Mya is fine with the school lunch, but I prefer to send her with something I know is healthy and that she will like. I always have some money in her lunch account just in case, but I'm really trying to make her a lunch every day that I can.


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