Saturday, May 21, 2011


Sorry folks... I turned into a busy mom for a while-

but now I am not overly busy- so I have time to blog!


ok-- here are some summer questions for you:

1) Best brand and and SPF of sunblock for your babies/kids/teens/US- parents

2) Do you buy them new every summer? or use the what you have left?

3) How much water should kids be drinking in the summer, while spending over 3 a day, hours outside in the sun?

4) Public pool rules- even if you child is potty trained, kinds under 3 (i think, varies by state) has to wear a swim diaper... ???

ready, set....... give me your opinion!!!

:) and happy summer to come!

1 comment:

  1. 1) I always use the banana boat 50 spf for my kids. It stays on really well and does a really good job! I love for me banana boat lotion with SPF 8, probably should use a stronger spf, but it smells really good!

    2)I use what I have left

    3)No idea, but a lot

    4)No idea, but I guess I will soon find out!! :)


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